Being a pet owner is amazing. Be it cats or dogs - they bring us so much joy & happiness and take away our stress so easily. But is living with them easy? Hell NO! You have to care for them - feed them, play with them, take them out for a walk, and clean their mess. Potty training them is one thing, cleaning the hair they shed is another. And they do shed a lot of hair!


It becomes really hard to keep your place clean if you own a cat or a dog. You will find your pet’s hair on your couch, your floor, stairs, and sometimes even in your food, if you’re not careful. And then there’s the problem of allergies which sometimes can be very dangerous. Your friends don’t want to come over and you’re embarrassed to invite them. Sounds familiar?


One of the most important questions in the mind of a pet owner is - What is the best vacuum for pet hair? Together, we will find that out in this article. My goal is not only to help you identify the perfect pet vacuum but also to provide you with options and highlight their best and worst features. I also give you a checklist of questions to ask, so that you can make an informed decision. Let’s dive in.

Why isn’t your regular vacuum cleaner enough?

Why do you need a special vacuum for pet hair? Shouldn’t your conventional vacuum cleaner be enough? The answer is No. You’d be surprised at how ineffective they are. The vacuum you normally use contains soft brushes designed to pick out coarse particles & dust. But pet hair is very fine and needs a lot more powerful suction than what a regular vacuum comes with.


A pet hair vacuum contains a very powerful suction and brushes made of silicon or other harder material to easily collect the thin hair from your carpet, floor and other areas.

Different Types of Pet Vacuum

Based on their design, there are mainly three kinds of pet vacuum and you should pick the one that suits your needs very carefully.

  • Upright: These are easier to store due to their compact size. However, it makes them difficult to maneuver in hard to reach areas such as corners and below your furniture. Get these when you have a large area to clean.

  • Canister: These vacuums consist of a body on wheels that you can drag where you go. They can reach areas like corners very easily but they are slightly difficult to store after use.

  • Hand-held: These cleaners are best suited if you want portability. And if your pet likes to jump around on your bed & couch.


Pet vacuums are also classified on the basis of whether they come with a bag or not. I advise you to go bagless as it will save you money in the future.

5 Best Vacuums for pet hair

Below are the best pet vacuums that I recommend you check out to make cleaning your home easy.

1. Dyson DC41 Animal Complete

Dyson are the leading company when it comes to pet vacuums and the DC41 shows exactly why. The Dyson DC41 has one of the strongest suctions on the market, and you will be surprised at how much dirt it can lift off from your clean floor. It sucks dirt and pet hair with the help of Radial Root technology - a revolutionary airflow system that increases the suction power.


It is an upright vacuum cleaner that is fairly maneuverable and lightweight. It also features a self-adjusting cleaner head so you don’t have to adjust it yourself. When it comes to features, this is the best pet vacuum on the market. The only reason for not getting this is if you can’t afford a $600 price tag. But will it be worth the money? Definitely yes!

2. Shark Navigator Lift-away Professional

At #2, I have the Shark Navigator - the best canister type pet vacuum you can find. Most vacuums lose some of their suction power after a year of usage. Not so with the Shark navigator. This vacuum cleaner can perform at its best capacity for years with minimum loss in suction power. Being a canister type, it can clean corners with ease and it is extremely maneuverable. What you will love most about the Shark Navigator is the ability to detach the canister and use it on a wider range of places. The HEPA anti-allergen filter is another benefit that you will want to have for clean air in your room.

And it comes just under $200 - a deal you should not miss!

3. Hoover T-Series Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover T-Series focuses on making the job as simple for you as possible. First, it is bagless so you don’t have to worry about replaceable parts. Second, you will fall in love with the automatic cord-rewind. For a cord that is 25’ long it’s nothing short of a blessing.

The suction power is good, however, it works best if your pet has long hair. Otherwise, it may leave a few strands behind.

The handle is foldable which makes it easy to store after use. The plastic wheels at the bottom are not the best though. So if you have a wooden floor, be careful when you use this vacuum. The hose pipe is also a bit short which may or may not be a disadvantage depending on your needs.

4. Hoover Linx BH500010 Stick Vacuum

The first stick vacuum from Hoover that uses the Wind Tunnel technology & cyclonic filtration. It is bagless and cordless (a feature you will greatly love) and runs on lithium ion batteries. The Hoover BH500010 can lift dirt from hard to reach areas such as under your furniture and also clean corners with its edge cleaning brushes. The transparent canister allows you to see how much dirt you’re lifting up. Trust me, it will get you excited & have you vacuum your house more often.

The bottom releasing dirt cup allows you to get rid of the dirt without getting your hands dirty. The device could use a larger dirt cup though, as it fills up pretty quickly.

5. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Canister Vacuum

The Dyson Cinetic is remarkably different from other vacuum cleaners as it requires zero filter maintenance. It is built with the Dyson Cinetic science that separates dust from air and captures it, eliminating the need for a filter. It is very easy to move around and comes with HEPA certification. You also get a whole bunch of tools that you can use to make this device as flexible as you want for your use. It is a fairly new technology on the market, but it’s catching up really fast. Early birds, I’m looking at you.

Aren’t there any good vacuums if I’m a little low on cash?

Don’t want to spend over $100 on a vacuum cleaner but still want to get rid of pet hair as much as possible? No problem, I’ve got you covered. Below you will find some of the best cheap pet vacuums available today.

1. Bissel Pet Hair Eraser

One of the best handheld pet hair vacuum! You can use it on your furniture, upholstery or even your car. It definitely won’t help you clean your floor though as the task will be a lot more tedious. It is also a little louder when in use, but it gives you all the features you expect from a handheld vacuum at just about $30.

2. Eureka Easy Clean Handheld Vacuum

The Eureka easy clean is designed to clean those areas which are difficult to clean with bigger pet vacuums - your upholstery and the stairs. It is very light and easy to carry around handheld vacuum cleaner with an extra long cord for wider access.

3. Bissel PowerEdge

The Bissel PowerEdge comes with a V-shaped design that can easily suck up dirt around furniture legs. It is bagless and best suited for use on hard floors. At only $49 you will get a lightweight, powerful suction vacuum that will remove both large debris and fine dust in minutes!

4. Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum

If you’re looking for a multipurpose cheap vacuum that can also clean pet hair efficiently, this is a great choice. The Eureka Mighty has a simple canister design with a 20-foot long cord. It is lightweight and easy to carry around and works best for cleaning floors and hard surfaces. I don’t recommend using it on carpets however.

5. Hoover Air Pet Cordless Vacuum

The Hoover Air is a handheld powerful vacuum for pet hair. It runs on a 20V Li-ion battery and it’s Turbo tool can lift pet hair off your furniture easily. The battery is built with fade free technology and gives you the same power throughout its life. It recharges completely in less than 3 hours. You will love the lightweight design and that you can get it for just under $90!

Buying Guide

Hopefully by now you have a better idea of what are the best vacuums for pet hair. I have also made a checklist of things to look out for when making the purchase so that you can carefully judge whether or not the product meets everything that you should expect from the best vacuum for pet hair. Use this buying guide to narrow down the options to the vacuum cleaner that will serve you best for years to come.

  • First and foremost, a vacuum cleaner for pet hair must have a lot of suction power. That’s the first thing you should check for. Does it offer the best power for the price range you’re considering?

  • Next, think about the areas that you’ll clean. This depends on your pet’s habits a lot. Does your pet spend a lot of its time on the bed / couch? Or is it the stairs and the floor? How large an area are you hoping to use it on? Answer these questions to decide whether the upright, canister or hand-held model will suit you best.

  • Carefully check if the vacuum cleaner has HEPA anti-allergen filtration. Such vacuums can suck harmful particles from air and keep your home air clean and fresh to breathe in.

  • You should also check how easy it is for your to move the vacuum around. Is it easy to store? How much does it weigh and what cleaning capacity does it have? Is the hose long enough for your needs?

  • Finally, the all important question of price. Does the vacuum fit in your budget or are you willing to give up a few features to find one that you can afford.


These are the most important questions you should ask before taking out your money. Not every pet vacuum can boast of having all these features. You should pick one that matches most of the items on this list. A vacuum cleaner doesn’t come cheap. Being well informed before making a purchase ensures that you don’t end up with a product you don’t love.


Check out this video below for some expert tips on how to identify the pet vacuum that’s right for you.



Owning a pet doesn’t have to mean you have to accept living with their hair on your furniture, your clothes and in your food. The products I have listed in this article solve this problem for you so that you can have a clean home while owning one...two...three... as many pets as you want! My buying guide will also help you make the right choice for your needs.

So what are you waiting for? Pick the best vacuums for pet hair and get rid of that nasty pet hair. Invite your friends over without any embarrassment and come back here to share your story of how the best pet vacuum helped you!