Top Large Cat Litter Boxes Reviews

Cats are known to be extremely choosy while selecting the place where they want to do their jobs. It has been seen that large spaces and large litter boxes have seemed to be more appealing to cats as they are accustomed to dig in the wild and bury their waste. Large cats require a lot more space and they often refuse to budge when given small areas as they feel cramped in. Many litter boxes come with covers that keep away the odour but some cats become nervous in confined spaces. In order to prevent that, transparent covers are designed for some litter boxes.

A few points need to be kept in mind before choosing a litter box. It is important to check whether the feline is getting enough privacy, whether the safety norms are met, whether it is comfortable and so on. Extra large cat litter box is always more appealing. Below is a list that mentions the top 5 large cat litter boxes on Amazon:

1. CatIt Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box

Apart from providing the feline with enough privacy and comfort while it is defecating, it provides a lot of space for it to turn about. The large hood reduces litter spray and the convenient placement of the door allows easy access. As it is transparent, the cat does not feel cramped in. The fitted carbon filters help a great deal in reducing the odour of the faecal matter. The hood can be unclipped from time to time for proper cleaning. With its good dimensions, it can be considered as the best litter box for large cats and also multiple felines.

2. Favourite Jumbo Covered Enclosed Cat Litter Box

The transparent cat litter box allows one to easily keep a tab on his cat while it is busy excreting. As the litter box opens in the front, the cat can easily go in and come out. Even the door is conveniently placed for easy movement of the cat. The litter box is made of durable plastic which is thick enough to be carried around efficiently. Cleaning this litter box is pretty easy as the front cover is removable. On the flip side, some customers have complained that this is a bit overpriced considering its standard.

3. Nature's Miracle High-Sided Litter Box

This litter box does not come with a cover as some cats feel claustrophobic in the presence of covers and refuse to enter the litter box. However, the sides of this box are high in order to prevent the waste from spilling out. The wide opening allows easy movements of the cat, both while going in and while coming out. The plastic used is of a high quality that provides a proper non-sticky surface. It also reduces the chances of growth of moulds that might endanger the health of the feline. Cleaning can be done easily as it is accessible.

4. Modkat Litter Box Kit

The design of this litter box is such that it looks good regardless of its position in the room. The sleek finish adds to its charm. This has a top entry pattern and thus prevents dogs from messing with the cat litter. The major two drawbacks of this product are that some cats do not prefer this kind of design, and that some cats who tend to jump out may track their litter.

5. Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box

This extra large cat litter box is made of plastic that is antimicrobial, and so does not endanger the health of the feline. The dome keeps the dirt at bay and also prevents spillage of litter. The transparent dome prevents the cats from feeling claustrophobic and gives them a sense of security.

The round shape of this litter box makes it convenient to clean. The cats can easily enter and exit this litter box. It is suitable for large cats or even multiple cats. The material with which it is made makes it lightweight and easy to carry around and store. Some customers have complained that the dome seal leaks in case a cat urinates on the sides.


The above list of large cat litter box has been compiled after going through the pros and cons of every decent litter box available in the market. Before buying a large cat litter box, one must take into account the different needs that every cat presents with. Some of these products may seem to be overpriced but before judging them, one must look at their quality.

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