Top 5 Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

“It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it,” is a saying that could have been used for decades to describe cleaning the cat’s litter box. Let’s be honest, we’ll all do it eventually, but no one likes to clean the litter box. It’s gross and tedious, but it’s the price we pay for having a cute, cuddly feline friend to cuddle with--or is it? Technology has rapidly advanced in several ways over the last twenty years, but do you know how technology has advanced when it comes to litter boxes? Here are some of the best litter boxes that clean themselves.

1. ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The idea of an automatic litter box sounds a little intimidating on the surface, but the ScoopFree Ultra comes in a fun purple lid with little paw print patterns along the ramp into the litter box. It looks like any other covered litter box, except that this litter box rakes waste into a closed compartment every now and then to clean itself out for weeks before ever needing to be re-filled. The litter uses crystals that absorb urine and reduce odor. The fun purple hood allows privacy for shyer cats and helps to prevent cats from kicking out or tracking litter on the floor on their way out. If you want to pay close attention to your cats help, the ScoopFree Ultra can help with that as well, with a health counter that tracks your cat’s daily use of the litterbox.

2. Litter-Robot III Open-Air

The brilliant secret to the Litter-Robot III is its timer, which begins every time the cat leaves the litter box and leaves just enough time to allow waste to clump for ease of cleaning. Once time is up, the litter box rotates and sifts through the clean litter to find the waste and drop it in a separate drawer. When the drawer is full, a blue light flashes to let you know that it’s time to empty the drawer. The control panel is sensitive to keep small children and pets from pressing buttons. If you have a senior kitty with poor eyesight, the Litter-Robot III has a nightlight to help them find their way to the litter box.

3. Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box

Some designs are simpler. Rather than a robotic system, Omega Paw’s self-cleaning litter box has a patented grill that separates waste from clean litter. When the cat exits the litter box, the litter box rocks back and forth to sift out the waste. The tray is easy to roll out and dispose of when full, and it helps to reduce odors. This litter box is large which makes it perfect for large cats or a few cats.

4. Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box

This litter box uses an automatic rake that scoops cat waste into the waste receptacle to securely contain the waste and reduce odor until the receptacle is full and ready to be emptied. Sensors are blocked whenever your cat is in the litter box and once the cat exits, sensors allow ten minutes before starting the cleaning process. If the cat re-enters the litter box in that time, there’s no need to worry. The sensors will block once more and the ten minutes will start over as soon as the cat leaves. This litter box has high walls and a ramp to prevent cats from kicking litter out or tracking it onto the floor outside.

5. CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

If this litter box looks like a toilet, there’s a good reason for that. This cat box is the closest thing to a cat toilet that’s been invented at this point. It even has to be hooked up to a cold water outlet. When the cat leaves the cat box, it automatically flushes the cat waste away using washable granules rather than clay litter that the water could clump and ruin. With this litter box, you won’t even have to do away with the litter yourself, just let the cat box do its work. “Your cats have a bathroom that’s more hygienic than your own,” the manufacturers boast. It should be noted, though, that this litter box is not recommended for kittens under 6 months.


With a self-cleaning litter box, life will be be that much easier for both you and your cat. Your air will be fresher, your floor will be cleaner, and maintenance for the litter box will be minimized. With these top litter boxes, no longer is cleaning up cat litter the price you pay for your furry feline companion.

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