Nature's Miracle Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews

Every pet differs from all the rest in the world. One cat is active and tireless while another is fatty and lazy. One cat is cleanly but another is sloppy. Some cats prefer a regular flat litter box and use it excellent while other cats are simply high pee-ers by nature. The last one requires a specific litter box with higher sides in order to eliminate wet floor problems and save the owners of such cats from the necessity of tedious and unpleasant cleaning up urine that made its way out of the box. However, some cats just do not like the top access litter boxes, so you need to search for something else. Let us find out, what kind of modkat litter box will be optimal in this particular case.

Criteria for Choosing a High-Sided Litter Box

When a person selects such type of litter box it is obvious that the ability to catch the possible urine spraying is the main feature to look for. First things first, the leakproof seams are the must. Nevertheless, modern pet parents also need elegant design solutions. The litter box should be roomy enough to hold different sizes of cats. Cat owners also demand ease of maintenance and not excessive current expenses. The modko flip litter box meets all the requirements mentioned above so let us review it thoroughly.

Product Overview

The model we are going to study is ModKat Flip Litter Box Kit. The kit includes scoop and reusable tarp liner for your convenience. This kit costs about $70 and the extra liner will cost $20 roughly. Additionally, you can purchase the Katch Cat Litter Mat for little more than $20, which is the mat that goes along with the litter box and is used in order to prevent litter tracking. In average, about 3/4 of real consumers rate this kit as five-star product and consider that it is well worth the money. Now we will place a detailed modkat litter box review. This kit combines the great functionality, a versatile lid use, a sufficient spaciousness and capacity, odor prevention, ease of access when scooping and cleaning, and attractive look. The specially designed lid construction offers you and your cat to choose between three positions: full open, half-open, or completely closed according to your pet’s preferences. A tall, seamless base contains a reusable tarp liner and has a top-mounted lid. The refined yet minimalist design is able to complement any home interior. The liner inside the litter box provides an easy, mess-free, odor-reducing, and long-lasting litter solution. You can use this liner up to three months or by the moment when the apparent signs of fraying, tearing or odor appear. The emptying of liner is simple and effortless. Other essential detail include:

  • Modkat litter box dimensions are 20 inches long by 15 inches wide by 16.75 inches tall with the entry opening 8.5 by 9 inches large. Such dimensions allow accommodating up to a 25-pound cat.

  • The kit is very comfortable to use, as a flipping lid, the hanging scoop, and reusable tarp litter liner are very handy.

  • The large base is stable, full height, and seamless, so it prevents leaks perfectly.

  • The three-position lid provides quick and easy access, so you will not waste your time and nerves when cleaning

  • The purchase comes with a worry-free 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


This modko flip litter box is better looking than most affordable litter boxes. The magnet top leaves enough space between the box and the lid, so the airflow is fine. The other essential advantage is having those reusable liners. The liner is a heavy-duty mesh coated, reinforced polyethylene material. Many users claim that the cleaning process has become “amazing” and “fantastic” due to a liner utilizing. The liner prevents scratches on the walls and thus increases the longevity of the box. Moreover, the liner facilitates the cleaning as you can take it out, and then get rid of an old litter with no hassle. Nothing sticks to the liner even at its corners and edges. Nearly every modkat litter box review confirms the seamless property of the box and its ability to prevent urine spraying outside the box. Finally, everybody knows that great things do not come cheap, however, the price of this product is not extra high.


Some users claim that this model of modkat litter box is slightly not comfortable for super large cats. In addition, it also may be not a good choice for very lazy, fatty cats, as they do not want to pick up their paws too high. In the first place, you should know your cat’s habits and compare if they are compatible with this litter box functionality because not one product is ever going to be exactly perfect for every single consumer.


This modko flip litter box is completely usable, convenient, and so can make anyone delighted with this purchase. There are several years of successful applying of this model for the moment. You can virtually know everything about it when doing your research before shopping, as there is a lot more than one modkat litter box review. In general, this product is a happy medium in terms of quality and price.

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