Cat Genie Review

Anybody who has cats knows how much of a hassle it can be to clean a litter box. Not only is this a time-consuming pain, there is also the annoying probability of creating a mess to consider. This is never fun for anyone, but thankfully some new litter-box systems are available for cat owners that want to save some time and maintain a clean home environment.

Criteria For A Self-Cleaning Litter Box

It appears that some litter box companies have gone to great lengths in the effort to solve this issue, in particular CatGenie. Although the process hasn't been easy, it seems as though we now have more efficient products available when it comes to cleaning litter boxes. Self cleaning litter boxes should ideally require little to no oversight, maintain an atmosphere of cleanliness at all times, and require little hands on effort when replacing litter.

Product Overview

The CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box has the ability to flush away waste and wash itself independently. The washable granules, resemble litter in every way, giving your cat a comfortable box with litter they are familiar with. The granules used are not clay, which often create more of a mess and do not please a large number of cats. The CatGenie is ideal for a one to two cat capacity. The CatGenie does the work for you, and simply needs to be hooked up to cold water and an electrical outlet. The package comes with a washable box of granules and an easy to follow instruction manual for quick setup. After a simply setup, with the press of a button you can program your cat box for a unique cleaning schedule that requires zero assistance. By making use of the washable granules, you give yourself the opportunity to save on litter in the long run. The self cleaning system also helps to prevent the spread of unsavory smells, so you can store the CatGenie anywhere and trust it to remain cleanly. The CatGenie efficiently identifies and then removes solids from the little, by disposal through the drain hookup.


The system washes and flushes waste itself, minimizing the need for hands on assistance. It helps to maintain clean living quarters due to the fact that an automated cleaning schedule. The built in dryer helps to keep the granules warm for your cat's comfort. Granules resemble traditional litter, which are also designed for your cat's comfort. The automated, independent cleaning process first liquefies and then removes solids, freeing cat-owners from the process. The CatGenie can be directly hooked up to the toilet, or washing machine drain pipe. The preset programming options give users the opportunity to automate their own cleaning schedule, so that when you are away from home you can count on your CatGenie to clean itself, keeping your cat happy. You can also easily press the single clean option, for one time use. Also, environmentally conscious users will be pleased to know, that the granules used in the litter box are biodegradable.


Some users report experiencing clogged hoses, halting the cleaning process altogether. Due to the fact that the CatGenie uses a heating process to keep granules warm for your cat, this can also give contents a “baked” smell that some buyers report as unpleasant. The CatGenie also seems to have some trouble with retaining cat litter, allowing for your cat to potentially spread litter throughout the house. The CatGenie also has some trouble picking up the litter in the middle of the box, leaving it to contaminate the box for long periods of time if unnoticed. Other users report having trouble using the drain system itself, saying that it is only capable of picking up kitten debris. The granules used with the system sometimes have a tendency to stick to debris, preventing it from efficiently sifting through the cleaning hose altogether. The “Genie Hand”, which is used to pick up and remove waste, sometimes has issues with efficiently collecting waste, allowing some to fall through the hand and evade the cleaning process. This will then leave waste to ultimately be baked, with the remainder of the fresh granules. Due to the fact that the CatGenie only uses cold water, some say that the cleaning process is altogether compromised.


Although an innovative idea and product to some degree, the CatGenie seems to be best for one small kitten at a time. Being as some CatGenie reviewers have only experienced added stress, cat owners are encouraged to do more research and make their own decision, depending on their individual situation.

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