Best High Sided Litter Box

Current estimates put that there are just around 600 million small cats in the world. These domesticated animals offer a friendship that can’t often be found with many humans. Regardless of the size, color, or breed, every fuzzy furball needs a place to do their business. That is where litter boxes come in. Some of the best types of litter pans offer increased wall sizes. These litter boxes are able to hold onto all your cats litter and waste without it being flung willy nilly around the house. Here are some of the best high sided litter boxes out there today.

1. IRIS USA Open Top High Sided Litter Box

Made in the USA this extra large litter box with sides is great for cats of all sizes! Coming in at 19” L x 15” W x 12” H, your cat can do it’s business without kicking up its waste all over the room. The recessed bottom and molded feet are ergonomically designed in such a way to fit just about wherever you might need it. When cleaning is needed, the top half of this product comes undone for ease of use. IRIS USA has concocted this litter box in such a way that the high polish finish makes for easy cleaning. Included with this product is a complimentary litter scoop, along with being purchasable in blue, black, gray, white, and red.

2. LitterMaid High Sided Litter Pan

This LitterMaid box is great for preventing all that litter scatter that comes with your little furry friends. This high walled litter box comes with antimicrobial product protection, along with a polish finish that i great for cleaning. The entrance way is wide enough for your kitty to easily makes it way in, but not easily push all its waste out accidentally. The easy clean spout makes sure when you do have to clean up, its simple and frustration free. Able to hold in a lot of litter with its 20” L x 17” W x 11” H dimensions. Made in such a way to be hardy and durable for years to come.

3. Nature’s Miracle High Sided Litter Box

This high sided litter box is one of the best on the market for it’s price range. The hardy plastic can take a beating, and it coated in a non-stick material to prevent litter build up. The high sides will make sure that when your furball is doing their business, they aren’t flinging all the litter throughout the house. The easy clean spot makes for a streamlined cleaning process. The opening is perfect for a cat to fit through. Perfect for fighting bacteria, smell, and headaches of cat owners everywhere!

4. Pureness Large High Sided Litter Pan

Made of a high polished plastic that is stain resistant along with being easy to clean. This Pureness litter pan is 17” L x 15” W x 9” H, making it able to hold a prodigious amount of litter while at the same time not inhibiting your feline. Ideal for cats who like to dig because of its high sides that help carall litter while not spilling any. Coming in assorted colors, this litter pan can fit in just about any decor.The antimicrobial product protection ensure that no unsavory bacteria or viruses gets passed around.

5. Nature’s Miracle High Sided Corner Litter Box

This large litter box with high sides is unique in its shape compared to others. This corner litter box juts out at a 90 degree angle, making it a prime fit to go into closet or room corners. The 26” x 23” product dimensions means it is one of the largest litter boxes on the market today. The plastic material this Nature’s Miracle box is made out of is extra tough, while also being made from a non-stick surface. This veneer allows for you to easily clean when necessary, while also having the peace of mind from its intrinsic odor and stain protection.


These litter boxes offer multiple advantages over the lower walled kin. The high walls make sure you don’t have a mess on your hands every time your grimalkin decides to do their private business. The best is the probably the IRIS litter box, while the most affordable is easily the Nature’s Miracle version. Regardless of your choice all of these litter boxes are made from tough plastics that have stain, odor, and bacterial resistance. Worrying about unnecessary odors emanating from the corner of your room is now a thing of the past with any of these great high sided litter boxes!

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