Best Clumping Cat Litter Reviews

Cats, being one of the most commonly owned pets, have given rise to a whole new industry that deals with their fooding, health, recreation and other basic necessities of life. Clumping litter is a cat litter that clumps in the presence of urine and faecal matter of cats. Usually made of bentonite clay, this litter clumps into a hard mass around the waste. As a result, it becomes easier to scoop it out and prevents the hassles of digging around trying to find the waste. The other advantage is that, it prevents wastage of litter.

The major factors one must consider while buying a cat litter are the clumping action, odour control, flushability, moisture absorbency, biodegradability, dust related factors, cost and whether it is fit for multiple cat use. The following list shows some of the best clumping cat litters present in the market:

1. Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

One of the significant points to keep in his mind while choosing a cat litter is whether it is dust free as cats usually produce some dust and many cats are allergic to dust. This cat litter is 99.9% dust free and therefore, one of the best dust free clumping cat litters. Being an all-natural clumping cat litter, it contains no perfumes or deodorants. Since it uses heavy non-tracking granules, the chances of moisture settling down at the bottom of the litter box are very slim. This cat litter is fuss free and a very good option to consider.

2. Arm & Hammer Litter, Seal Clumping and Multi-Cat Clump Litter

This cat litter uses Arm and Hammer baking soda to capture and seal the odour produced after a cat defecates. Multiple cats can use this litter because one does not get offended by the smell of the waste of the other one. It gives solid clumps, doesn't allow tracking and is dust free to a certain extent. It doesn't allow moisture to settle down at the bottom of the litter box and has a softer feel. If you are looking for a good clumping cat litter for multiple cats at an affordable price, here’s your product. It comes in 14-pound, 19-pound, and 28-pound boxes.

3. World’s Best Cat Litter

This cat litter is not the regular clay litter. It is made from the whole-kernel corn, making it one of its kind. This cat litter clumps rapidly on contact to form hard masses that make it extremely convenient to scoop it out. The corn provides it with its natural absorbance and is also responsible for its excellent odour control formula. The rapidity with which it clumps prevents any odour from escaping thereby making the house environment very ambient.

It even emits a soothing natural forest scent and so is very popular among cat owners. It is environment friendly and easily flushable. It is available in 7-pound, 14-pound, and 28-pound bags.

4. Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter

This litter is made up of powerful absorbents that don’t allow unnecessary faecal matter (both solid and liquid) from escaping. Its excellent odour fighting formula prevents irritating odours from disturbing the occupants of the house. It is extremely light and therefore, very easy to store and carry around. Cats love to dig and bury their waste in this. Therefore, it is quite convenient for use and has received decent reviews on Amazon.

5. ökocat Natural Wood Cat Litter, Clumping

Made of 100% renewable wood fibres, this clumping cat litter is biodegradable. It naturally traps and neutralizes odour escaping from the waste of cats. Its high absorbance allows the litter to stay dry for a longer time and therefore, the owners are not forced to scoop out the clumped litter immediately after their cats excrete. It can be flushed down the toilet easily and therefore, is very convenient to use. It boasts of being antibacterial, though, that claim is yet to be verified with certainty.


Cats are messy beings and the products needed to take care of them should be of good quality. Different cat litters have different properties and one must always be sure of what he actually needs for his pet before closing in on one product. The above list has been made with careful consideration. Some products may be expensive but it’s because they are of a superior quality.

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