Best Automatic Litter Boxes

Cats are laid back animals - lounging around all day needing only the bare minimum in sustenance. However, like any animal they need a spot to do their private business. This leaves plenty of work for their owners, that if not done will make a terrible smell spread throughout the residence. Feline owners everywhere can rejoice that this once arduous task can be curtailed with some of the best automatic litter boxes. These state of the art devices are capable of reducing the workload and the smell of your house. These self cleaning devices quickly whisk away unwanted waste products with numerous methods of attack. These products will let any cat owner do what they always wanted: to spend more time with their cats rather than cleaning up after them.

1. CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

One of the best automatic litter boxes out on the market today. This automatic kitty litter box flushes waste away and even washes itself for a nice sparkly clean. With a simple hookup to cold water and electrical outlet, your furry little friends won’t be wafting around unsavoury odors anymore. The sanisolution cartridge disperses disinfectant throughout the box, while the washable granules ensure that this product is 100% dust free. The unique system scoops up the waste, washes the granules, and then dries everything out so it can be quickly used again.

2. PetSafe Scoopfree Self Cleaning Litter Box

This kitty litter box can self clean for weeks. This means less scooping, cleaning, or refilling on your part, and a happier experience for your cat. The crystal kitty litter instantly removes odors by absorbing urine and dehydrating waste. This litter is known for being much more effective at getting rid of odors along with being completely dust free. All the waste accumulates in a purple covered trap, making sure you never have to see or smell any of your feline’s droppings. When it does need to be emptied, simply take the leak proof tray with lid and throw it in the trash. For a small additional price you can get the anti-tracking litter mat, privacy hood, or refills.

3. Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box

Make sure your furball is taken care of with this excellent Pet Zone litter box! This extra tough box comes with a hardy motor unit reinforced with sturdy metal gears to ensure the smoothest operation yet. Usable with any clumping kitty litter, this device is made in such a way to maximize your investment by not wasting any of the litter. This product is rated at four times quieter than other leading brands. A third party independent testing lab rated this product as a top performer. Most notable in this test was the praise for the sensor - that automatically starts after your cat leaves the box and continuously cleans for fifteen minutes.

4. PetSafe Simple Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

One of the best automatic cat boxes for its price range. This affordable litter box reduces odor without any mess on the owner’s part. The simple set-up means you’ll be having this awesome product out on the floor in short time after taking it out of the package. This cat litter box continuously cleans so as not to upset your feline. It does this by slowly rotating the bowl in a counterclockwise motion, clumping all of the droppings on a conveyor belt that falls into the waste bin. For even easier cleaning try lining the bin with recycled bags and remember to always use clumping litter!

5. Nature’s Miracle Self Cleaning Litter Box

This sleek and modern litter box will fulfill all of your grimalkin’s restroom needs. Like clockwork, this device automatically cleans and scoops after every use. This allows for no mess and less odor. Controlling these unpleasant smells even more is the odor control receptacles and carbon filters. The antimicrobial product protections ensure that no bacteria or viruses spread through your fuzzy little friends. Great for multiple cats, Nature’s Miracle has devised a product that works great with any kitty litter of your choice. Disposable respectacles are purchasable for a small additional price.


There are plenty of different automatic litter boxes on the market today. The best by far is the CatGenie’s self cleaning litter box. This product ensures that your little furballs have the best experience possible when doing their business. For those that need something a little less highbrow while also getting a quality product, take a look at the PetSafe Simple Automatic Litter Box. This device streamlines the self cleaning litter box into one that gets the job done without hooking it up to water. Regardless of your choice you can’t lose with any of these great products!

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